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Star - Mistletoe
Yeah, decided to do that meme where you have a character standing under mistletoe as an invite for people to draw *their* OCs doing the same.

I know I'm... what, a month late? Still, I got a tablet for christmas, and I really wanted to get back to drawing ponies.
A gift to a few friends of mine on an online chat. Their characters just got engaged IC, so I figured I'd give them a little celebratory image.
Reference image by buyo-baka, go check out their deviantart.…

Hoo boy. So, this one was a fun one. Basically, Sylveon is one of my favorite shiny recolors, and I decided I wanted to try my hand in drawing one. Along the way, I discovered the density sliders, which allowed me to make the color transitions on the ribbons a bit more seamless. While I was at it, I even tried to do a bit of shading.

In any case, once I started showing it, the one common criticism I got was that the forepaw toward the viewer was a bit anatomically questionable - looking between this and the reference, it's clear that the feeling that Sylveon was mid-run that was present in the buyo's work is absent here - rather, having the paw pointed down would have been the better call. Other mistakes include the ear on the right being disjointed from the Sylveon's head, the bow covering the entire neck, and - a small gripe of mine - that I'm used to drawing ponies, and the Eeveelutions don't really have distinguished muzzles.

Nonetheless, I find it's nice to see how far I've come. In the short time I've had this tablet, I've gotten three pokemon drawings done before the new year, at a quality that scanned pencil drawings just couldn't compare - and best of all, it's a lot of fun. 
And here we have my first attempt at a human. And, of all the character designs in pokemon I could have done, I just had to pick one of the more grandiose outfits.

Ah well, it really was a lot of fun, and it was a pretty interesting project, to see just how a base gesture drawing could evolve into a finished work. That said, I now understand why everyone hates hands so much.
Mimikyu - Can't we be friends?

And now, for something not pony related.

I’m gonna be honest on a few things here. First off, when I initially started sketching this out, I didn’t care for the “sketchy, lots of thin lines” sort of style. That said, once the image started to come together, it began to grow on me; I think I might start doing that a bit more often.

As for the image itself, Mimikyu is a pokemon that actually creeped the hell out of me when it was revealed in the Corocoro leak. Just the idea of something so close and yet so far from a figure that pokemon fans worldwide know and love fell pretty hard into the uncanny valley for me - especially once it was revealed that the only reason Mimikyu even dons its disguise is because of its jealousy over Pikachu’s popularity. Kinda makes you wonder what it wore before Pokemon ever came out, really.

And then there’s the Ghost Trial. To anyone who’s played it, you’ll know the images on the wall. Who drew them? Was it children, or were they all figments of Mimikyu’s obsession?

But despite all of this, really all Mimikyu ever wanted was our love - and, if the internet is any indication, I think it’s fair to say that this once-pale imitation has finally started to shine bright in the hearts of pokemon lovers everywhere.


"Really, the most important person is you. Anyone else you only experience through the most limited communication– you hear a couple words from them or physically contact them at best. Those “someones” that you think you’ll never be– all they are are printed words on the newspaper page. That’s all I am, too. The only real someone is you. Your experiences are delicious, unique, and each instant you are experiencing something amazing. I just think everything we can feel and experience is so unbelievable.. if you tried to explain to a robot he would never understand.

There’s no such thing as mediocrity. Whatever you do, you do. Whatever you are, you are. You are the only person on the whole earth and what you do is what you get to do :) so what do you wanna do? you know what I mean? There’s no mediocrity to think about. Screw everyone else, they’re practically aliens, you communicate with them through morse code on rare occasion that you get your radios working. You are the only person in the world to you and what you do matters most."

"On the small (read: human) scale, you are someone. You at least matter something to someone out there, I’m sure of it. Whether it be the coroner performing your autopsy when the time has come or it’s the friend that called you at 3am and needing to be picked up from the other side of town or the homeless guy you decided to give $5 to… You matter to someone, somewhere. If you think you don’t, shake shit up and get moving. Make yourself matter. If you don’t think your good at anything, become good at something. I’ve found that I’m really good at being depressed and I take comfort in that. I also am pretty good at video games and that’s what I do to relax. Sure, I don’t have “that one thing” that will “change the world,” but you know what? I don’t want it. It’s too much responsibility for me. You might, though. If you do, good for you! Work on changing the world."



Sorry about this completely random post out of nowhere, to the literal handful of people who are actually following me at this point in time. Normally I don’t let this sort of thing get to me, but after getting out of a few matches with a particularly salty person on Sm4sh, I just lost a lot of motivation that’s been keeping my spirits up, and I found myself going down the dark and dangerous path of comparing my own art with people who have years of experience over me.

By comparison, my art qualifies as a basic sketch at best. I’m not the fastest person where I work, I’m not athletic, particularly attractive, and opportunities for me to practice with my intended career path are so few and far between that I find that I don’t even retain a good 85-90% of what I know until I get “in the zone”.

In short, this post is about what may be my greatest fear - that I will always be “mediocre” in whatever it is I do. More importantly, I’d like this post to be one of acceptance rather than submission - everyone I look up to, everyone you look up to - all started out at this point. Don’t let yourself be bogged down by your own shortcomings, but continue to practice, to strive for improvement. 

What I do may never be officially recognized. I may never hit 1000, 10000, 20000 or more followers. I might fade into obscurity - but the entire goal of this blog was always about the journey.

Be willing to try. Try anything. If you fail, try again. Don’t sell yourself short.




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